SecurityHorse is a hiring platform connecting security professionals with hiring companies. Security pro’s can sign up for free and create their online SecurityHorse profiles and begin applying to jobs. Hiring companies can view candidates, interview them and hire them all on the SecurityHorse platform. There is no cost to using SecurityHorse for security professionals. Hiring companies pay a nominal fee to post jobs and hire security pro’s for their positions.

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You will receive email communication from SecurityHorse on behalf of the hiring company if you’ve been selected for an interview or position. Hiring companies may request to chat with you to ask questions prior to making their decision. Look out for messages while logged into your profile on Don’t worry, if a hiring company messages you we will notify you via email.
We charge a nominal $70 posting fee for each job/position posted by hiring companies. Each post allows hiring companies to communicate and interview one candidate for hire. Additional candidates for the same position cost $50/candidate.
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The more information you provide, the more likely you will land opportunities through SecurityHorse. We recommend filling out your profile and verifying your mobile number and social profiles to increase your chances of being hired.
We do our best to provide tools to vet quality candidates for hiring companies. We do this by verifying candidates required security licenses, their mobile numbers and online social profiles. These items are all optional for candidates to provide, but are clearly indicated on each candidate profile to let hiring companies know how vetted a potential candidate is.